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We are so grateful that we had Annika by our side on this big day. From the very beginning she was there as a sounding board who supported and made suggestions. With her huge network we got help to find both photographer, restaurant, transport and hairdresser and she did everything with so much love. Thank you Annika & Team for being with us both before and during this big day in our lives!

Jenny & David - Florence

Wedding day 221.jpg

We truly recommend Italienska Bröllop if you dream of a wedding in Italy. They are super professional, exceptionally calm, hands on, positive wedding planners! The wonderful duo, Annika & Rosa, organized our wedding in a beautiful villa in a very brief period.

Our wonderful family and friends (many of whom travelled from Ireland) shared a mystical, magical winter wonderland weekend together in the hills in Frascati overlooking the view of the city of eternal love, Rome. It was everything we could ever have wished for, and much much more...

Italienska Bröllop welcome you all with open arms, heart and love in abundance. They have the best suppliers. We had a great photographer, videographer, DJ, hair stylist/make-up artist, florist and a stunning venue.

Geraldine & Sebastiano - Rome

We are very happy with the help we received from Annika. She customised everything according to our wishes and was keen for us to be happy with the day. She has been easy to contact when needed and she has handled everything very nicely and well. We would definitely recommend hiring Annika and Italian Weddings.

Sara & Elis - Como Lake


We wanted to thank you, you helped us to have the wedding of our dreams and we will always be grateful for that. Thank you so much!

Dayhana & Jonas - Amalfi Coast


We are so incredibly happy with our wedding weekend and nothing would have been possible without Italian Weddings, Annika and her team. They were on top of everything and they created an unforgettable weekend for us and all our guests.

Hanna & Simon - Umbria


Annika was our celebrant on the 27th May 2023 in San Gemini. 

It was our first time in Italy and Annika made our day memorable. She was very patient,  she made us feel very relaxed, it felt like she was part of our family. 

Caroline & Mike - Umbria


Many thanks for all the help and for a fantastic wedding!

Sanna & Max - Sardinia


We had done a lot ourselves for our small intimate wedding with our children and Italian friends, but with Annika and her team we got the last pieces in place, bouquet, photographer, driver, book a restaurant "with a view", absolutely magical! Thank you so much for all the help with planning, help with dress and veil during the day. Thank you for constantly hearing if "WE" had a good time, your thoughtfulness ❤️ We had a fantastic day and we are super happy with you. Thank you so much.

Camilla & Mads - Rome


We couldn't have had a better wedding! We are so happy with everything - you are real professionals!

Hannah & Jan - Capri

We are very grateful for everything. We would never have done without Annika. If you have dreamed of getting married abroad, Italienska Bröllop and Annika are an excellent choice for the best possible planning and execution. We had the most beautiful day

in the world thanks to Annika.


Sara & Robert - Tuscany


We are so happy with our day and feel that we will always have such a warm and nice memory with us that is only ours. Annika made it very nice and natural with the ceremony and it was very easy to plan it together with Annika. Nothing was difficult or hard for her and we are very grateful for that. Thank you for all the help and for the beautiful ceremony on our day ❤️


Vanja & Albin - Garda

Everyone from Italienska Bröllop  that we had the pleasure to meet were absolute gems. Annika and her team took care of us from day one and helped us create an unforgettable day. We can only highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting married in Italy and wanting nothing less than their absolute dream wedding!❤️ 


Michelle & Rasmus - Tuscany

Hiring Annika + team was the best choice we made when it comes to our wedding. To have such good support where you can lean back during such a time is worth its weight in gold. So structured work and incredibly organized during the wedding day!


Menaws & Taha - Rome

Annika and her team are real professionals and the whole process has felt so safe. 
We truly had our dream wedding and it was everything and more than we could have wished for. 
Quick feedback, clarity, easy-going, warm and familiar - we have felt special and looked after from the start. 
A big plus was that we could tell them what we were looking for from the start and received several tailored proposals based on that. 
We recommend Italian weddings and Borgon to everyone who dreams of an Italian wedding ❤️ 


Erica & Rasmus - Umbria


Annika and her amazing team helped us all the way from planning, through to the wedding and throughout the ceremony and party.

Annika had a clear plan and thought of all the details, conducting a wedding in another country would not have been nearly as good without their help!

We chose to get married in a civil ceremony at the farm where the party was later held, Annika helped us with all the formalities around this and she also acted as an interpreter during the ceremony itself.

She does everything with such dedication and warmth❤

​Erika & David - Piemonte


We want to thank you for making our day perfect. As I said, I said on the way in to Villa Eva, my dream is coming true right ♥️

Emma & Daniel - Amalficoast

We are so happy to have chosen Annika and Italienska Bröllop. We couldn't have planned a wedding in Italy without your help. The wedding was so personal and lovely, absolutely perfect! We have had so many compliments from guests on how beautiful the ceremony was. Hugely grateful!

Julia & Niklas - Verona

312653261_537827474903196_3034361619212169170_n (1).jpg

Annika made our wedding absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for making the ceremony so emotional and beautiful!

Martina & Kim - Tuscany

Martina e Kim-205.jpg

Annika has been absolutely fantastic throughout our process and planning up to the wedding! Despite Covid and that the wedding has had to be moved forward 2 times, she has arranged all changes and rebookings despite all the extra work it meant for her. The bridal bouquet was fantastic and just as I said I wanted it, and the photographer Annika booked took many beautiful pictures. Eleonora helped us on site with everything that was needed during the wedding day and made sure that we could only focus on ourselves and our day. We can highly recommend  Italienska Bröllop and Annika!


Anna & Peter - Liguria

Anna & Peter.JPG
Monika e Marcus00258.jpg

We got an idea to surprise the family with a wedding on a joint trip to Sardinia. Had it not been for Annika at Italienska Bröllop, our dream would not have come true. Thanks to her and her team, we had a fairytale wedding, just like we dreamed of. With professional planning together with a photographer (as advised by Annika) we were able to surprise all the guests. 


Monika & Marcus - Sardinia

Annika acted as our officiant during our wedding reception in Rome. The collaboration with Annika worked very smoothly from the first contact right through to the wedding ceremony itself. Annika had a comprehensive plan for how the ceremony would go, and was very professional in guiding us through it. Several of our guests asked if we knew Annika from before, because she could talk about us so naturally in front of the guests, which of course was a big plus in the whole thing. We recommend Annika to anyone who wants to have a wedding ceremony in Italy (or why not elsewhere too) and is looking for a person who really cares about the wedding couple and makes sure that one of the most important moments in one's life will be unforgettable!


Thanks again from our side for everything Annika, it has been a pleasure working with you :)


Isabella& Joakim - Rome

Isabella & Joakim-292.jpg

Hi Annika!

We had so much fun yesterday! It was an absolutely fantastic day from start to finish ❤️ Thanks for all your help 🥰


Kjersti & Willy - Amalficoast

Great Service!
As soon as I got in touch with Annika I felt she was the right person to be entrusted with our wedding in Rome. She was incredibly informative and helpful, and kept me continuously updated with all the preparations & bookings throughout the weeks leading to our big day. Everything worked out wonderfully well and we are truly grateful for all she did for us!


Cecilia & Tobias - Rome


We are so happy with everything! Borgon and Italienska Bröllop have been fantastic and flexible from start to finish!


Jessica & Anton - Umbria


foto annika.jpg

We want to thank you for a fantastic effort on what became the best day of our lives!

Denise & Jonathan - Tuscany


Annika has helped us plan our dream wedding in Amalfi and everything has gone according to our highest wish!

She has exceeded our expectations with her incredible commitment and planning, with everything from florist, violinist, photographer and restaurant with stunning views.

Many THANKS from  

Simon & Karolina - Amalfi


"We had organized a lot ourselves but needed help with the ceremony and to book a wine tasting at a wineary. We received very professional service that met our needs. We are so satisfied with everything - thank you!"

Emma & Kim - Salerno

My husband and I chose Annika as the wedding organizer at our wedding in Italy when we needed a bilingual ceremony. From the very first contact you could feel her commitment  in the whole for everything to be perfect.
Nice and warm, very professional person. We felt taken care of by Annika at once.
The ceremony became so beautiful and emotional that everyone was moved, she has managed to sew together our love story in a way I never expected. It was so romantic that neither I nor my husband  could hold back the tears. The translation of our vows into each language became brilliant so that all guests could hear them in their native language.
Alla  has given us compliments and said that the ceremony was the best part of the whole day.
We are very happy with Annika and her colleagues, thank you for a wonderful day and a fantastic job!

Giulia & Tommy - Lazio

giulia tommy, eleonora annika_edited.jpg

We wanted a small and simple wedding with the closest family, outdoors on Lake Garda. We contacted Annika for help with brainstorming ideas, ordering flowers, planning a personal wedding ceremony, booking a photographer and a restaurant! We are very pleased with all the help we have received and that Annika could be the wedding organizer at our ceremony was a big plus. It was just as intimate and relaxed as we wanted and Annika had done a great job of creating a personal ceremony. It was nice that Annika showed a lot of emotions at the ceremony and felt committed to creating a fantastic day for us!
We also want to highlight the fantastic photographer, Giovanna Aprili, who we got recommended by Annika and booked.

Thank you for a COMPLETELY magical day, which we will remember forever!


Emelie & Lucas - Garda

"We want to thank you for your great commitment to help with planning for our wedding. It was a very nice and personal wedding that felt very special to us."

Susanne & Tim - Alperna



This high level of professionalism, service and genuine cordial treatment is seldom experienced! To arrange in three weeks so that we got our dream wedding at a vineyard in Italy is absolutely fantastic. All preparations went so smoothly and quickly thanks to Annika. And "everything turned out so fantastically well - even better than we imagined. The place, the ceremony, the music, the dinner - thank you Annika for making it possible and giving us a wonderful memory for life!

Caroline & Stefan - Lazio


Thank you! You have felt very good from the first contact on Skype. You have come up with ideas and made us think a little extra about things, which contributed to our wedding day being great. We are very happy with the ceremony and the words, the texts you baked together, feelings of happiness and love rushed through your body and you were almost like in a vacuum.
You offered us help with a lot of things that we had not even reflected on and put us in touch with the photographer. That you gave feedback quickly and that we were updated is so incredibly important for you to feel safe and calm and be able to focus on other things.
We are eternally grateful to you for what you gave us on our wedding day!

Elin & Johan
- Tuscany


elin johan.PNG
Sandra & Johannes.jpg

It was an absolutely lovely day that we will always remember. Fantastic views, professionally laid out and an incredibly nice ceremony that Annika held.

Sandra & Johannes - Sardinia


We are super happy with Annika who was there and made our day absolutely fantastic! Can really recommend her as the wedding organizer. Everything felt very relaxed and loving from the first contact.

Sofie & Thomas - Tuscany


sofie tomas.PNG

We are so happy that we took help from Italian Wedding. It felt good from the first contact and Annika understood exactly how we wanted it. She was very responsive and helped us get the wedding day we wanted. Thank you very much!

Sara & Thomas - Tuscany


Thanks to Annika we got a day to remember for life! With a lot of heart and warmth she took us and we got our dream wedding!

Emilie & Oliwer - Bologna


Emilie & Oliwer.jpg

Annika and Italienska Bröllop gave us help to choose between different suppliers that we probably had not found on our own. This not only made it easier for us but also saved a lot of time and energy. We regularly received different emails where we would choose different options in, for example, food, photographer, flowers, premises, etc. Of course, we also had to come up with our own suggestions and also received tips on what usually works if we felt insecure. We never felt stressed or behind in planning.

Emelie & Andreas - Sorrento


Annika and her team are absolutely wonderful. Everything turned out exactly as we had dreamed - even better. We contacted Annika almost two years before our wedding day and really hoped that she could help us plan our dream wedding. We did not want a regular wedding but we wanted to create memories for life for us, our families and friends. We wanted everyone to experience the Italian "dolce vita" - the feeling and Annika found a perfect location - a 5 * castle hotel with a view of the beautiful Italian nature and good connections to the airport. Annika helped us plan two days of activities so that all guests really got to experience the wedding as a holiday in Italy. She thought of everything - excursion, 3-course lunch at a restaurant, transport, wine tasting, barbecue evening, bar  - she had perfect control and had really thought of all the details. The wedding day was even better than we thought - many of our guests said they had never experienced such a nice and atmospheric wedding. After two years of planning, we were prepared for something to go wrong - three days, 60 guests from 15 different countries - but everything was perfect! Better than we expected. There are no words to describe how happy we are. We really created memories for life. Thanks Annika!

Daniela & Malin - Lazio



We are so happy that we chose to take help from Annika and Italienska Bröllop before our big day. We always felt that we were in safe hands and Annika was responsive to our wishes, came up with good tips and suggestions and reminded of things we could easily have missed during the planning. Thanks to you, our day turned out to be the best day and more than we could have wished for! Many thanks for your commitment and a fantastic personal and frank treatment!"

Stina & Josef
- Amalficoast


Thank you very much, Annika, for all the help with our wedding. We had a wonderful and unforgettable day! Annika was there throughout the planning and always came up with great ideas and tips. Annika helped us find a fantastic chef, photographer and the most amazing bridal bouquet. She was all the way sensitive to our wishes and thoughts and we really felt that she put both a lot of heart and time into helping us on the way to our dream wedding.

Johanna & Joakim - Tuscany


Kerstin & Pelle.jpg

I'm so grateful I found you, Annika, online. We had plans for a surprise wedding in connection with a 2 * 60 year party, and we got all the help we could have wished for with this. Because we're not talking Italian, I do not know if we would have done this without your help. Again, thank you very much, Annika!

Kerstin & Pelle - Tuscany


After two years of planning in superb execution, covid rebookings and hundreds of emails, we are at the finish line. Annika & her team have been fantastic to work with and we have felt safe all the way. Everything went beyond expectations and we are so happy that we chose to hire Italian Weddings!

Ida & Markus - Lazio



We want to thank you for a well-conducted wedding and all the planning during this year. The wedding was, like most and we also know..a dream! We are very happy with everything ❤️
It was a very nice wedding ceremony ..and all the candlesticks for cake and during dinner did it extra.

Kristina & Thomas - Tuscany


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