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Sara's Italy

Sara will take you on an adventure! She can give you an unforgettable experience! She knows the whole area of Bergamo, Milan, Lake Como and more. Have you thought about taking your guests on a bike ride, hike, wine tour or any other exciting adventure? Whether you want to go on a day trip the day before or after the wedding, or spend a few days in the area, she can help you. How about combining your honeymoon with a bike ride, moutainbile or e-bike? Why not a hike in the mountains? Maybe you want to go on a wine tour in Franciacorta? How about taking your guests to a market or rafting on the river Brembo? She has incredible resources and exuberant energy!

Eva Z och Sara_edited_edited.png

Italienska Vingårdar

Italienska Vingårdar offers fabulous vineyard experiences for those who want to discover Italy.

Bo and Carina have heartily selected many accommodations and vineyards! These are castles and agriturismi that offer cosy hospitality, a pleasant feeling of rural luxury, excellent service and a homely atmosphere.
The package includes wine tastings, dinner in the vineyard and car rental. It’s perfect for a honeymoon, romantic road trips or if you want to spend magical days in the land of love.

Winery experiences are available in a variety of beautiful locations in Veneto, Lombardia, Piemonte and Toscana

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